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5th International Adrenal Cancer Symposium

The 5th International Adrenal Cancer Symposium welcomes researchers and physicians caring for patients with adrenal cancer. The Symposium also includes a specific program targeting the needs of patients, their families and caregivers.
October 14-15th.
100 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor, University of Michigan

                                                             Quilting For  Adrenocortical Cancer -ACC

On-Line Auction

Quilting for Adrenocortical Cancer FaceBook Site will focus on raising funds for Adrenal Cancer Research.  100% of the proceeds will go to Adrenal Cancer Research. To see how you can participate and help to raise funds for this cancers research at the University of Michigan, or to donate quilts or squares or fund a quilt in anyone's honor, please visit~ QACC

Fundraising News For Diana Hart's:

Mr. & Mrs. Derrick Hart, Dr. Gary Hammer of The University of Michigan and the Adrenal Cancer Program, Diana Hart and Fran Hart

To join Diana's efforts please visit-
Hart's Desire...to Find a Cure for Adrenal Cancer
see Diana Hart's full story go to the 
~Warriors Page~

For the rest of the story
as reported by Justine Jarvie of 
"The Spencer Bell Legacy Project"

Pictures from "A Harts Desire for a Cure for Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma
also on Facebook- pictures  & You Tube

The University of Michigan sees about half of all Adrenal Cortical Cancers diagnosed in the country each year. Dr. Hammer sees patients, advocates and does adrenal cancer research.

Thank You Sarah Palin for your contribution to a "Hart's Desire to Cure ACC" benefit auction.
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Bracelets/Supporters page.

 "The Shana Quilt"  auctioned off  @
Quilting for Adrenocortical Cancer-ACC
100% of the proceeds went to the adrenal cancer research  program @ The University of Michigan, one of the "Centers of Excellence" in adrenal cancer.

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                                      In Honor of Shana
Mar 29 2011

"As the Wind Goes"
Jacqueline Holloway
11 years old

As the wind goes I hear the sweet bird sing. It sings a song of hope, love and sweetness. As I wake up alive it is a miracle. The bird is like God. It is calling to you to come up the holy stairs. When I was little I thought the sunset was God's kingdom floating away, but I know he is always here in my heart. He is always watching me, he is always listening to me and he is always with me. If I was anything but human I would be a bird. No sickness, no people telling me where to go and I have sweet freedom from cancer.


Author, Shana's little niece
Written for her Aunt Shana Weber Kinney