Here you will find
Centers of Excellence experienced in the
Research and Treatment of the
Ultra Rare Cancer Adrenal
Cortical Carcinoma

Adrenal Cortical Cancer affects as few as one in a million people each year.

Currently surgery with complete rescission is the only hope for a curative prognosis,
unfortunately by the the time ACC is usually discovered it has advanced beyond that
stage. Still, surgery remains to offer the best outcomes in prognosis and palliative care.

 Due to the rarity of this disease many doctors may not be as familiar or
experienced with ACC and the unique requirements involved with surgery as well
as the treatment options currently available.

Thus it is imperative that you seek out a Doctor and Hospital experienced in this Ultra Rare
both for the experienced care that you will receive as well as to know that you are
not alone with this disease.

You want a Doctor that has done this before, an experienced ACC Specialist with an
experienced ACC Team
behind them with up to date knowledge on the latest
research news available.

We have listed the Facilities that currently tend to see a large number of ACC patients yearly. 

Centers of
Excellence in ACC


National Cancer Institute

National Institute of Health

Centers of Excellence criteria


Rare Cancer  ACC  Specialists studying and researching ACC

TGEN currently studying ACC


University of Michigan currently researching ACC 

University of Michigan Comphrehensive Cancer Center


Treatment and Clinical Trials


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